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2017 Pegasus Acting Teachers Scholarship

The Elizabeth Kemp 

Acting Teachers Scholarship 2018


The Elizabeth Kemp Acting Teachers Scholarship was born out of  an understanding of the contribution that great acting teachers make to the artistic lives of Australian actors. The Victorian-based recipient will receive up to $20,000 to continue to develop their teaching practice.

Named in honour of Master Acting teacher, Elizabeth Kemp, this scholarship is a tribute to a woman who gave no less than everything to her art and for that we are eternally grateful.​

The foundation values the contribution that any great acting teacher makes to the artistic lives of the actors they train or coach.


In order to provide world-class training to actors, the Foundation believes that acting teachers based in Victoria must be given opportunities to further develop their skills and deepen their appreciation of the craft of acting in the pursuit of excellence.


It is vital for the ongoing development of the Australian arts industry that investment is made in the training of professional acting teachers. The Foundation believes a commitment to
support an acting teachers’ artistic development will add
value for Australian actors working professionally in Film,
Television and Theatre.


The primary means by which we can do this is by giving teachers involved in any disciplines pertaining to actor training, the opportunity to study in leading contemporary practise or specific acting techniques, taught by recognised training institutions or teachers based in Australia or Overseas.


Applications - Now Open.


 Applications close - Friday, August 10th 2018 

The Award


  • An annual Scholarship of up to $20,000 to a teacher involved in any of the disciplines pertaining to actor training, to study at a studio, institution or with individuals or entities located in Australia or overseas.


  • Selection is based on previous acting and or teacher training and experience in the disciplines of professional actor training. 


  • Is open to Australian Citizens/permanent residents who reside in Victoria.


  • The Scholarship can be used to cover flights and or transport, accommodation, teaching material, small general living allowance and training expenses.


  • Applicants who are shortlisted, will be interviewed by the selection committee of The 16th Street Foundation. The committee consists  of Actors, Deborah Lee Furness and Sigrid Thornton and Directors, Alkinos Tsilimidos and Iain Sinclair. Applicants may be asked to conduct a teaching session (maximum one-hour) that exhibits their process of work.  This can include scene work, technique exercises, improvisation etc.    Please inform us if you would like the Foundation to arrange actors for you to work with or if you will organise this yourself..


  • The successful applicant will be required to share their experience and provide ongoing feedback to the Foundation and the broader acting and teaching community.


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