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16th Street Foundation

16th Street Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation.
Established by Kim Krejus, Artistic Director of 16th Street
Actors Studio to support the professional development of

Victoria's artists.


The Foundation was formed on the key belief that artists
should be given every opportunity to continue to develop their skills and artistry and be exposed to the best training in the world. This is regardless of age or financial limitations.


  • 2015 introduced its inaugural Actors Scholarship.

  • 2016 introduced its inaugural Acting teachers Scholarship. ​


The Foundation has a selection committee made up of industry professionals that will use their expertise to assess and grant the annual scholarships. 16th Street Foundation is made possible due to the generosity of Heloise Pratt of The Pratt Foundation. 

The foundation's key objectives are to provide scholarships to further develop the talents of experienced and gifted Australian actors and acting teachers residing in Victoria, to undergo training in the craft of acting with institutions or entities located in Australia or overseas, in order that they can continue to make a contribution to the Australian Film, Television and theatre industry.


Importantly, 16th Street Foundation values and wishes to
foster the important contribution that the performing arts
make to the cultural fabric of Australia in a meaningful and

tangible way.


The 16th Street Foundation supports the pursuit of excellence in performance, education and craft and in the quality of Australian scripts. The foundation acknowledges the importance of quality teaching in the craft of acting as an essential component of an actor’s overall artistic development.

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